Advanced Technology Delivery™

Focusing on ways to deliver performance to products

Anovotek is constantly focusing on ways to deliver performance to products - just like through our Anovotek ATD™ system. Here’s one way it works: first, an innovative process is used to store an ingredient in micro-containers, then the micro-containers can be applied to textiles.

The micro-containers are user-activated, rupturing when rubbed. This allows creative uses of volatile materials such as essential oils, fragrances, and many other compounds that cannot typically be applied to textiles and other consumer products.

Some of the benefits of using the Anovotek ATD™ are:

  • One Creating novel complex mixtures
  • Two Providing higher utilization of expensive components
  • Three Reducing evaporation and Extending performance
  • Four Reducing degradation of additives

Throughout the process, we take appropriate measures that will reduce direct skin contact with all of our active ingredients, and we offer blends that can be easily made. Our patent-pending technology is not only innovative; it is effective and differs from other standard products currently in the industry.